I never traveled far afield
like Jennifer did that one time in college
so theres no real frame of reference for the news.
Pompeii collapsed this morning
nothing but dust now.
No, really, it means it this time,
no teasing remnant of life
no ghostly petrifications
just dust like air.

Maybe, I think, maybe that dust is making its way to me
molocules of carbon riding swiftly along the jet stream
with purpose
meant for my body alone

Half empty or half full, it’s all the same
it’s all falling apart
winding down into ruin and springing up again.
blooming to be whisked away
blossoming into love or new IKEA cabinetry.

This dust.
This ruin.
Just when you are fully comfortable with the idea of endings
here one comes again
ripping you open
leaving you scorched